I share on social media that I am sad, fearful and uncertain because our businesses are closed and uncertain as to when we can reopen.  Someone takes the time to respond that I should be grateful I have a business to worry about.

Our family is saddened and nostalgic that our son does not get to enjoy the end of his senior year with friends, prom and graduation.  Several “friends” take the time to remind us at least he’s not dying.

A 5th grader is emotional and does not understand why she does not get to do the transitional activities she watched with envy as her brother became a middle school student several years ago.   A well-intentioned person lets them know it is not that big a deal anyhow.

While my friends are right, I am grateful that no one I know is dying from this is situation.  It does not mean we cannot be saddened by what it has brought to our world.  We do not need to measure and compare our reason for feeling with that of others in order to validate it.

Let us be understanding of one another as no one really knows how this whole situation will change our world!  I encourage you to give some grace and compassion to others and what they are going through on social media.

#Friday Focus