Ground Tactics for Law Enforcement Instructor Certification

Today’s law enforcement professionals and our tactics have come under increasingly negative scrutiny by the media, politicians, and our communities themselves. It is the goal of this class to help address these issues by creating instructors that are mindful of the balance between the guardian and warrior roles our officers must play in our communities. Our class will bring confidence to your officers that they will win any encounter, while focusing on escalation and de-escalation, and the before, during, and after, aspects of any use of force.

Students will learn skills in the following areas: How to Avoid the Ground, Winning on the Ground, Weapon Retention, and Transitioning from a Ground Encounter to Handcuffing.

Students will learn how to organize and run the mat drills needed to create muscle memory while reducing injury potential.  This course will certify your officers as coaches in our system with the understanding that we are not training to survive, we are training to WIN!

Relationship Based Leadership

Sharing your rules will get obedience and task completion from your employees, team members and athletes. Sharing your beliefs provides inspiration, allows for creativity, and the freedom for high performing employees to soar because they understand the importance of their role in the company!

This course will focus on empowerment, inspiration, focusing on the positive and encourages you to look for ways to coach, mentor, and enhance the lives of those around us!

This course is great for individuals and groups tasked with Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Retaining, and Improving the Performance of others! Whether you are a large or small business, athletic team, non-profit organization or just interested in building cohesion amongst your team this class is for you.