1. I Do not Want to Go Back to Normal

    This may not be what you want to hear but I encourage you to think about it for a moment. I do not want to return to the “normal life” that we had before this event. I do not want to go back to the time I over consumed products just because I could, without any thought or consideration about the…Read More

  2. Quit Watching the Clock    

    As I was coaching a class this week, I saw our students doing something that caught my eye. This group of students went second in a round of conditioning.  By doing so they had the advantage of knowing the round was exactly six minutes, while the first group had to keep going until I called time. I…Read More

  3. What is Your Legacy?

    When you ask people to define the term “Legacy”, frequently you hear ideas like these “it’s what people say about you after you have passed away” or “it’s what you leave behind”. However, I’d like to ask you to think for a moment about your “living legacy”. How does what you do…Read More

  4. Are You Holding Yourself Back?

    With the new year quickly approaching it will be time for those life changing resolutions to abound. For many reasons, fear, unwillingness to be uncomfortable, lack of belief, we will intentionally hold ourselves back from our own goals. If you have a dream.  Want something different in life.  Com…Read More

  5. Finish Your Dreams

    This week as I finished writing my first book, yes first, I will write more.  I stopped to reflect on the process and what I learned. My thoughts kept coming back to the fact that seeing a project that once seemed so large and unreal come to completion is the success. If I would have just never tol…Read More

  6. Who Are You Listening To?

    As I approach being “retired” for almost a year now I find it interesting that some of the biggest projects I am working on were not even my ideas! The book, podcast, leadership presentations and a game changing collaboration with a couple other law enforcement power players, were not things I w…Read More

  7. Making Moves?

    How do you decide if you are on the right path or if it is time to change directions? Do you have “mile markers” established through your short-term goals to help you see progress? Are you self-assessing and honestly evaluating not only your effort but your desire to continue? Are you open to de…Read More

  8. Critical Conversations

    Have you ever had that feeling that you need to say something to someone? Maybe the relationship has changed, the energy is off, but something just is not right. You find yourself focusing on all their faults, instead of the things that attracted you to them in the first place. Here are some thought…Read More

  9. Satellite View

    When you talk about your dreams, desires and successes, what do you see? Do you see yourself in that moment? Enjoying all the feels, smells, sights that come with making your dream come true? Can you see yourself overcoming obstacles along the way, persevering and staying true to the path? I think o…Read More

  10. Bad Moments or Bad Days

    I want you to think of one of the “worst days” of your life and what happened to cause it? Many times, it is a bad moment and our response to it that allows it to spiral into other bad moments or an entire day. “Bad” things will happen to us daily. The alarm not going off, traffic jams, rude…Read More