1. Purpose vs Motivation

    This week I was asked to deliver a “motivational” talk with someone who was struggling.  It got me thinking that I don’t really like being “motivational”.  I would much rather have a talk in which people reflect and find their true “purpose”. When I think of motivation I think of vid…Read More

  2. We Are What We Think

    I have been spending a lot of my time recently researching and trying new activities that will help me shape my thoughts, focus my energy, and attract what I’m wanting to become. This week a common topic that kept appearing was something known as the “placebo effect”.  For those of you unfami…Read More

  3. Life’s Template and Forgiving  

    At the encouragement of several people that I go to for professional advice and input I’ve started writing a book.  The book is about my personal journey and the story of my life as it stands today.   I don’t think my life is much different than most anyone else’s.  I am just hyper aware t…Read More

  4. Accountability

    Just the mention of this word can trigger many different responses in people.  Nervousness, disappointment, shame, maybe even anger.  The reason is because deep down we know we did not do what we said we were going to do.  We know we talked about our dreams, goals, our ideal life, and all the thi…Read More

  5. Right Where We are Supposed to BE!

    I've always been a dreamer and believer that I was destined to accomplish great things in my life.  Throughout the past 44 years, I have had good experiences, bad experiences, laughed, cried, tried things that scared the hell out of me and hung my head in shame a time or two.  But I never let any …Read More