1. Quitting Is an Option

    We usually hear this quote in the reverse, where people tell you quitting is not an option. This is  done to keep you motivated, inspired and to get you to do more. Unfortunately, it is not true. We can always quit, and it is most definitely an option. To be honest, during this transition period in…Read More

  2. Wanting More

    Almost everyone we know wants more. More money. More freedom. More time. More meaningful relationships. More, more, more in all aspects of life. Yet shockingly many are unwilling to do MORE. They are unwilling to try something new, to learn a new skill, to join a new group, to take on a new challeng…Read More

  3. Passion vs Calling

    This week I was blessed to have been posed with this question from a longtime friend:  Am I pursuing my passions or is this a calling?  I was caught off guard by the question and had to take a moment to come up with my response. Passions are emotions which can come and go. They can burn intense fo…Read More

  4. What Would They Say?

    A couple of weeks ago my son, Trey, came home with what he thought was a bad case of food poisoning. He had all the usual symptoms and nothing that alarmed us to the fact that something bigger was taking place. Two days go by and his condition did not improve and seemed to be more than a case of bad…Read More

  5. Another senseless loss!

    In the wake of losing another police officer to violence in Colorado I sent this message to all of the recruits I am privileged to lead as they start their careers: Good morning team, Last night while I was doing homework with my son safely in the comfort of my home, an Adams County deputy lost his …Read More

  6. Coloradoan Article on Rise in Assaults Against Police Officers

    The young reporter was fair and open minded and wanted to discuss the rise in assaults on police officers in Colorado since 2009 as report by the FBI.  As I prepared for this interview in reading the reports, I noticed there was an increase in this type of activity from approximately 900 to over 15…Read More