1. Ground Tactics Coaches Course – Feb 2019

    Excellent course!  One of the best law enforcement courses I have been to in my career.  The instructors really care about student development.…Read More

    Anonymous Student Eval
  2. Ground Tactics Coaches Course – Feb 2019

    Hands down the best course I've been too in my 7 year career.  I love the mindset talks, the break down of a coach vs instructor delivery methods and the admission and discussion of fear affecting our training.  Thank you for doing this!…Read More

    Anonymous Student Evaluation
  3. Ground Tactics Coaches Course – Feb 2019

    Thank you, the training was absolutely incredible.  I learned so much this week and highly recommend this class for anyone who teaches arrest control at their department.…Read More

    Jesse Cohen, Westminster PD
  4. Ground Tactics Coaches Course – Feb 2019

    Thank you for the coaching and the motivational three days.  I cannot wait to share this with the other instructors.  The whole philosophy from the mats to the way it is and should be coached ins absolutely refreshing!…Read More

    Mike Wazny, Westminster PD
  5. Ground Tactics Coaches Course – Feb 2019

    Excellent class!  I will be implementing ideas and skills immediately in our agency program and encouraging others to come learn to coach not instruct!…Read More

    Anonymous Student Evaluation
  6. Ground Tactics Coaches Course Nov 2018

    I wanted to thank you again for the excellent training and opportunity to meet and talk with you. After my mom passed in October I have not had any motivation or drive to get back to training until I went through your class. It was a good time for me to check myself and re-focus on what is important now. I have gotten back on the mat and working on getting myself back in shape. Diet on the other h…Read More

    SGT Chuck Buckner, Douglas County Sheriff
  7. Ground Tactics Coaches Course May 2018

    Thanks Coach! It was a great class. I have no doubt you and your system will expand and have you teaching to agencies all over the country. I already spoke with Chuck and let him know how the class was. I am trying to get with him and some of the other instructors to go over the class material and see what they think. I think they will like the techniques and "coaching" philosophy that you pr…Read More

    Mike Heidinger, Douglas County Sheriff's Office
  8. Ground Tactics Coaches Course May 2018

    I wanted to say thank you for all your help…… and patience. There was some stuff that I realized I was slow on or wasn’t exactly picking up on as fast as some others. I wanted to let you know that I’ve found a training buddy who I’ve worked out with and FTO’d about a year ago who was enthusiastic about learning new stuff and asked me to help him.  I’ve already rolled with him once s…Read More

    Mark Adkins, Mancos Marshal's Office
  9. Ground Tactics Coaches Course May 2018

    This is truly the only class that works on the skills I need to practice. It is exactly the right mixture of challenges, exercise and skills that I needed. I just need to practice and maintain what I’ve learned. Thank you and you’re team for your contributions to the cause of keeping Officers safe. You clearly go above and beyond to keep Officers safe and I cannot thank you enough. Here’s t…Read More

    James Dubovos, US Mint Police Denver
  10. Ground Tactics Coaches Course

    Here is some of the feedback we received from our recent course in Montana: "Sure appreciate you and the training environment that you bring to the table. I learned alot and will pass it along to our crew throughout our training sessions!!" "This course is top level! Had a great time and learned more then expected." "Thank you so much for your guidance on promoting your program.  We are honored t…Read More

    Montana Law Enforcement Academy