This Ground Tactics Training course will create professional law enforcement coaches not instructors. Register Now.

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Coaches that are mindful of the tactical skills needed by officers to ensure their safety, peace of mind for their family’s and meeting the needs of our different communities throughout Wyoming. 

Our class will bring confidence to your officers that they will WIN any encounter, while focusing on escalation and de-escalation in our use of force.  We will break down any use of force encounter into 3 steps:  before, during, and after and work on tools to win in each phase.   Students will learn how to organize and run the mat drills needed to create muscle memory while reducing injury potential. 

This course will certify your officers as coaches in our system with the understanding that we are not training to survive, we are training to WIN!

If your agency is interested in hosting a Wyoming Coaches Certification course we have a financial incentive packages available.  Please contact us today to schedule our course in your area!

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