This week I was blessed to have been posed with this question from a longtime friend:  Am I pursuing my passions or is this a calling?  I was caught off guard by the question and had to take a moment to come up with my response.

Passions are emotions which can come and go. They can burn intense for a while and then the flame may turn cold. A passion may even disappear or be replaced by another many times over in your lifetime.

A calling is a place that you find in life and wonder how you got there. It comes with a greater purpose and is bigger than you or any singular individual. It also carries with it an obligation to act and make the most of it. When you find a calling, it is not about you but the others that are waiting for and depending on it.

I am blessed to have found my calling and will fulfill my obligations with honor.   Are you pursuing your passions, or have you found a calling?