Jerrod recently retired after 21 years serving communities with two different organizations.   The driving force in his decision to retire at a prime time in his career and life is his passion to deliver high level training, motivation and purposeful training to law enforcement agencies all over the country.  Jerrod believes our officers, families and communities we serve deserve the best coached officers!

Ground Tactics for Law Enforcement Coaches Certification

Jerrod designed and create a Ground Tactics program for his organization and spent the last 13 years of his career refining it and delivering the material to officers of all skills levels. This program was designed to meet the needs of todays challenging environment. It balances tactically sound, fundamentally solid skills, while maximizing limited training time, focused on gross motor skills and simplicity for officer confidence and managing liability both in use of force applications on the street and injury prevention in training.

Getting the Most Out of Your Law Enforcement Career

This is a lecture and group discussion based course that will challenge the thinking, routines, and mindset of the newest or most seasoned officers.  This course was developed after years of experience both good and bad in handling our own careers.  It has been delivered to patrol shifts, leadership conferences and will help build trust in your teams and improve performance.

  • Redefining and remembering your PURPOSE
  • Staying PREPARED
  • Having a plan for LIFE after this career