About Jerrod

Jerrod Hardy is a 21 year police veteran having served for four years with a small agency before moving to a large municipal agency for the past 17 years.  He has worked in patrol assignments, as a school resource officer, SWAT officer, and training academy coordinator.  Jerrod is a certified Defensive Tactics instructor in numerous police disciplines, a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and mixed martial arts competitor. He currently owns one of the largest and most renowned mixed martial arts gyms in Colorado, TRIALS Mixed Martial Arts.   The gym is home to over 100 students and 30 fighters both professional and amateur, men and women.  Jerrod will use the same coaching strategies and skills that enable competitors to succeed at the highest levels to prepare his instructors to be prepared to deliver the same high level training to their officers!

Ground Tactics for Law Enforcement Coaches Certification

The purpose of this course is to create professional law enforcement coaches capable of teaching tactically sound and community responsible techniques that will increase officer safety and confidence while reducing agency liability should officers find themselves in encounters ending up on the ground.  


Getting the Most Out of Your Law Enforcement Career

This is a lecture and group discussion based course that will challenge the thinking, routines, and mindset of the newest or most seasoned officers.

  • Identifying the Roles Law Enforcement Professionals Must Fill
  • How to Sharpen our Warrior Skills
  • Being Mindful of our Guardian Role
  • Daily Steps to Find Enjoyment in the Relationships Around Us